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7th World Congress on Addictive Disorders & Addiction Therapy, will be organized around the theme “Exploring the innovative ideas and remedy solutions for Addiction Disorder”

Addiction Congress 2018 is comprised of 19 tracks and 96 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Addiction Congress 2018.

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Addiction is a chronic disorder with biological, psychological, social and environmental factors influencing its development and maintenance. Typically, it falls under two categories, substance dependence, or drug addiction, and behavioral addiction such as a gambling addiction. Heightened desire to re-experience use of the substance or behavior, potentially influenced by psychological (e.g., stress, history of trauma), social (e.g., family or friends' use of a substance), and environmental factors (e.g., accessibility of a substance, low cost) can lead to regular use/exposure, with chronic use/exposure leading to brain changes.+- These brain changes include alterations in cortical (pre-frontal cortex) and sub-cortical (limbic system) regions involving the neuro-circuitry of reward, motivation, memory, impulse control and judgment. This can lead to dramatic increases in cravings for a drug or activity, as well as impairments in the ability to successfully regulate this impulse, despite the knowledge and experience of many consequences related to the addictive behavior.

  • Track 1-1Epigenetic mechanisms in Addiction
  • Track 1-2Inherited organic elements adding to substance mishandle and tranquilize dependence
  • Track 1-3Drug tolerance
  • Track 1-4Biochemical mechanisms & assay for drug toxicity
  • Track 1-5Chemical assay of drugs and drug metabolites
  • Track 1-6Alcohol detoxification utilizing chemotherapeutic agents

Dependence puts an extraordinary weight on influenced people and their families, causing across the board horribleness and behavioral brokenness. Wrongdoing related with sedate mishandle and the control of addictive therapeutics posture awesome legitimate and societal difficulties. Medications of fixation incite crucial changes in cerebrum organic chemistry, enacting neuronal reward circuits and going about as neuronal and cardiovascular stimulants. Research in the Department of Pharmacology plans to see how addictive specialists, for example, nicotine, amphetamines or cocaine influence neurotransmitter receptors and transporters, and how they change neuronal flag transduction to start habit. Different endeavors concentrate on the disclosure of novel analgesics that may supplant addictive analgesics medications later on.

  • Track 2-1Drug addiction and consequences
  • Track 2-2Drug Receptors
  • Track 2-3Drug tolerance
  • Track 2-4Drug dependence
  • Track 2-5Drugs and their effects on addiction

Dysfunctional behaviors can expand the hazard for Alcohol abuse or medication manhandle, infrequently in view of self-sedating. Then again, Alcohol addiction can prompt huge uneasiness and dejection that may seem vague from an emotional instability. At long last, one issue can be more regrettable than the other.

  • Track 3-1Neurogenetics of Substance Related Disorders
  • Track 3-2Adaptive Immune System
  • Track 3-3Alcohol and Viral Hepatitis
  • Track 3-4HIV/AIDS
  • Track 3-5Lung Health and Immunity
  • Track 3-6Alcoholic Liver Disease
  • Track 3-7Drug addiction in Children and Adolescents
  • Track 3-8Mental health and symptoms

New advances in brain research and neuroscience have revealed insight into the progressions that long haul utilization of Alcohol and different medications brings into the cerebrum particularly in mind remunerate framework, to encourage proceeded and perpetual examples of enthusiastic medication mishandle. New research points in enslavement incorporate Behavioral Pharmacology Research, Relationship between youth viciousness and substance mishandle, impact of Alcohol on intellectual working and cocaine antibodies and dependence epidemiological research. Behavioral Pharmacology Research infers wide based substance mishandle clinical research program incorporating both human lab research and outpatient treatment look into. Cocaine mishandle is a continuous and essential issue along these lines immunizations against cocaine are being produced.

  • Track 4-1Mental Health
  • Track 4-2Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Track 4-3Psychodynamic therapy
  • Track 4-4Residential treatment
  • Track 4-5Contingency management
  • Track 4-6Motivational interviewing
  • Track 4-7Psychology and Education
  • Track 4-8Spiritual sciences
  • Track 4-9Cognitive impairment
  • Track 4-10Emotional health

Alcohol addiction is the most genuine type of issue drinking, and depicts a solid, frequently wild, want to drink. A dipsomaniac is a man, while alcohol abuse is the sickness. Sufferers of Alcohol addiction will frequently put drinking most importantly different commitments, including work and family, and may develop a physical resilience or experience withdrawal side effects on the off chance that they stop.

Alcohol abuse is at times known as Alcohol habit or Alcohol reliance. It's marginally extraordinary to 'unsafe drinking' which is an intermittent example of drinking which can cause harm your wellbeing.

A case of unsafe drinking will be drinking excessively at a gathering, and gambling a fall or contention. This example may form into Alcohol abuse if that sort of unsafe drinking turns into a propensity and occurs all the time.


In this reliance, different mental and clinical changes happen in the human body including alcoholic liver maladies. Ladies Alcohol abuse amid pregnancy may bring about fetal Alcohol disorder which is an example of extreme physical and mental imperfections in the creating embryo. Alcoholic polyneuropathy is harm to the nerves that outcomes from extreme drinking of Alcohol, incessant pancreatitis and Peptic ulcers is additionally a genuine malady caused because of Alcohol habit. Insanity tremens (DTs) is caused by Alcohol withdrawal after a time of overwhelming drinking and prompt serious mental and sensory system changes. Different chemotherapeutic specialists like methadone are utilized for Alcohol detoxification.


  • Track 5-1Drug addiction
  • Track 5-2Smoking addiction and cessation
  • Track 5-3Gambling and casino addiction
  • Track 5-4Tobacco, Cocaine and cannabis

Professionally prescribed medication manhandle is the utilization of a pharmaceutical without a medicine, in a path other than as endorsed, or for the experience or emotions inspired. As per a few national studies, professionally prescribed meds, for example, those used to treat torment, consideration shortage issue, and uneasiness, are being mishandled at a rate second just to weed among illegal medication clients. The results of this mishandle have been consistently exacerbating, reflected in expanded treatment confirmations, crisis room visits, and overdose passings.

  • Track 6-1Drug dependence
  • Track 6-2Drug induced disorders
  • Track 6-3NSAIDS and Mental illness
  • Track 6-4Drug addiction in Children and Adolescents
  • Track 6-5Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

Medication habit is a perpetual sickness portrayed by habitual, or wild, tranquilize looking for and use notwithstanding destructive results and changes in the cerebrum, which can be dependable. These adjustments in the cerebrum can prompt the unsafe practices found in individuals who utilize drugs. Medication dependence is likewise a backsliding malady. Backslide is the arrival to tranquilize manhandle after an endeavor to stop.


The way to tranquilize fixation starts with the willful demonstration of taking medications. However, after some time, a man's capacity to pick not to do as such progresses toward becoming traded off. Looking for and taking the medication ends up plainly habitual. This is generally because of the impacts of long haul sedate introduction on cerebrum work. Fixation influences parts of the mind associated with reward and inspiration, learning and memory, and control over conduct.

Enslavement is an infection that influences both the mind and conduct.

  • Track 7-1Cocaine addiction
  • Track 7-2Marijuana addiction
  • Track 7-3Hallucinogens Abuse
  • Track 7-4Tobacco abuse
  • Track 7-5Drug addiction diagnosis
  • Track 7-6Durg use and toxicity

Substance mishandle alludes to the destructive or perilous utilization of psychoactive substances, including liquor and illegal medications. Utilization of a substance in a way or sum which is exceptionally hurtful to the client and its encompassing is named as substance manhandle. For some high schoolers, illegal utilization of focal stimulants, for example, methamphetamine and dopamine turn out to be a piece of the scene of their young years.

Psychoactive substance utilize can prompt reliance disorder - a bunch of behavioral, intellectual, and physiological marvels that create after rehashed substance utilize and that regularly incorporate a powerful urge to take the medication, challenges in controlling its utilization, continuing in its utilization in spite of hurtful results, a higher need given to tranquilize use than to different exercises and commitments, expanded resistance, and some of the time a physical withdrawal state.


Individuals who have substance utilize clutters and also psychological well-being scatters are analyzed as having co-happening issue, or double issue. This is likewise some of the time called a double analysis


Arrangements which impact the levels and examples of substance utilize and related mischief can altogether decrease the general medical issues inferable from substance utilize, and intercessions at the social insurance framework level can work towards the rebuilding of wellbeing in influenced people.

List of Addictions to Substances

Substance use disorders in the DSM-IV-TR provide a list of addictions relating to the following substances:


Dual Diagnosis is a condition when a person experiences both a substance misuse issue and another psychological well-being issue, for example, sorrow or a nervousness issue. Some of the time utilize liquor or medications are because of mental issues. People who are managing Autism range issue are at high danger of substance manhandle. They may feel that substance misuse encourages them to cover their social incompetence however after some time it starts to cause significant issues throughout their life. Consideration Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is likewise identify with dependence. Self-prescription hypothesis is broadly utilized for the treatment of co-happening issue.

  • Track 9-1Substance abuse and alteration in genetic structure
  • Track 9-2Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Track 9-3Advances in neurology of substance use

Habit psychiatry concentrates on the assessment, conclusion, and treatment of individuals who are experiencing at least one issue and emotional wellness issues identified with compulsion. Directing and dependence treatment is extremely fundamental for such people. Because of most recent headway in innovations like Mobile wellbeing, now days it has turned out to be so natural for the general population to get associated with wellbeing administrations and being refreshed with all the data. Country and underserved groups regularly experience the ill effects of restricted access to forte treatment programs this can be overwhelmed by Tele-emotional well-being. Online Recovery programs give the chance to Alcohol and medication compulsion treatment via prepared specialists by means of the Internet, in a way that is helpful and private.

  • Track 10-1Mental health and symptoms
  • Track 10-2Counseling and addiction treatment
  • Track 10-3Mobile health
  • Track 10-4Tele mental health
  • Track 10-5Online Recovery programs
  • Track 10-6Intervention

Medication fixation is a cerebrum infection that is portrayed by impulsive medication chasing, in spite of its unsafe outcomes. It causes changes in the ordinary movement of the sensory system harming the nerve tissues, executing neurons and this prompts dis-control of neural framework. In this way, uncontrolled medication utilize brings about lethality of mind. A portion of the behavioral impacts of medication fixation incorporate Paranoia, Aggressiveness, Impulsiveness, and Loss of Self-Control. Physician recommended drugs that are frequently manhandled are opioids, rest prescriptions.

  • Track 11-1Addiction & Toxicology
  • Track 11-2Drug detoxification using chemotherapeutic agents
  • Track 11-3Clinical Depression

At the point when a medication client has a dysfunctional behavior before sedate utilize, it might be difficult to distinguish side effects that are only because of the medication utilize itself. Most side effects, if the condition is inconsequential to drugs, will proceed after restraint from the medication. The inverse is valid for sedate actuated Disorders; the schizophrenic-like impacts will pretty much die down after the medication wears off. Nonetheless, this is not valid for all medication clients as regular and delayed utilize can cause symptoms that last up to a very long time after utilize cease.

Drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and drugs can cause psychological well-being issues and, when combined with a prior emotional sickness, can compound the manifestations of such diseases. A few medications, when taken every now and again for drawn out stretches of time, can really show as maniacal side effects demonstrative of schizophrenia and bipolar issue.

  • Track 12-1Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Track 12-2Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Track 12-3Memory loss and hormones instability
  • Track 12-4Brain imaging studies of addictive substances

Addictive disorders are caused by numerous elements, including hereditary weakness, ecological stressors, social weights, singular identity qualities and psychiatric issues. From a neurological point of view, addictive scatters emerge when a substance changes the way the client's cerebrum feels delight. Addictive substances change the cerebrum's capacity to send and get chemicals called neurotransmitters, which cause delight. The addictive substances can anticipate nerves in the mind called neurons from getting these joy chemicals, which means the medication client depends on the medication, as opposed to his or her common cerebrum chemicals, for sentiments of delight.

A few young people are more in danger of creating addictive scatters, incorporating youths with at least one of the accompanying conditions exhibit: 1) Children of substance abusers. 2) Adolescents who are casualties of physical, sexual or mental manhandle. 3) Adolescents with psychological well-being issues, particularly discouraged and self-destructive high schoolers. 4) Physically debilitated teenagers.

  • Track 13-1Advances in neurology of substance use
  • Track 13-2Substance abuse and alteration in genetic structure
  • Track 13-3Bipolar Disorder
  • Track 13-4Organic brain syndrome
  • Track 13-5Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome

Behavioral changes in human race happen because of different interactive media addictions which is getting to be noticeably conspicuous in the everyday life of the group. Among this, major is sustenance fixation, caused because of voraciously consuming food propensities and unscheduled dinner sessions. Web utilization and gaming is most noticeable in the youthful era as they are constantly associated with the advanced media sources to pick up learning about the present exercises all over the globe. Thus, expectations for everyday comforts and propensities changes to investigate new patterns in mold world and lead them to be shopping addicts. More introduction and freeness in the general public is expanding the worries for genuine association in erotic entertainment or other related sex fixation exercises.

Medications like cocaine, cannabis, and psychedelic drugs can cause emotional wellness issues and, when matched with a prior dysfunctional behavior, can intensify the manifestations of such sicknesses. A few medications, when taken as often as possible for drawn out stretches of time, can really show as crazy manifestations demonstrative of schizophrenia and bipolar issue.

Some other issues are also there for the addicted people like 1) Changes in feeling: no passionate reaction, trouble communicating sentiments, level effect (appearance or no enthusiastic articulation). 2) Lethargy; absence of inspiration. 3) Socially pulled back. 4) Incoherence in thought and activities; confused discourse. 5) Violent conduct; whimsical, at times unsafe, activities.

List of Addictions - Behavioral

It has been suggested one of the types of addictions is behavioral addiction. The following is a list of behaviors that have been noted to be addictive:

The harmful impacts of drugs can imitate dysfunctional behavior in ways that can be hard to recognize from emotional sickness. Drugs instigated mind issue is particular from autonomous co-happening mental scatters in that all or the vast majority of the psychiatric indications are the immediate consequence of substance utilize. It can't express that substance-prompted disarranges block co-happening mental scatters, just that the particular side effect group at a particular point in time is more probable the aftereffect of substance manhandles, mishandle, inebriation, or withdrawal than of fundamental emotional instability. Some basic substance related mind issue are Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia, Schizophrenia, dementia, rest issue and Psychosis.

  • Track 15-1Major depression
  • Track 15-2Dysthymia
  • Track 15-3Panic disorder
  • Track 15-4Social anxiety
  • Track 15-5Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Track 15-6Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Track 15-7Schizophrenia
  • Track 15-8Schizoaffective disorder
  • Track 15-9Post-traumatic stress disorder

In spite of the fact that previously, emotional well-being disarranges and compulsion issues were frequently treated independently, we now realize that co-happening psychological well-being and substance utilize clutters affect each other and must be dealt with together. Treating only one issue won't make the other consequently progress. Also, partitioned, parallel tend to the disarranges does not bring about one, powerful treatment design. To be powerful, the two issues must be dealt with in the meantime, in a similar place, by a similar treatment group. This is called coordinated treatment.

  • Track 16-1Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Track 16-2Contingency Management Interventions/Motivational Incentives
  • Track 16-3Community Reinforcement Approach plus Vouchers
  • Track 16-4Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Track 16-5The Matrix Model

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation includes various medications and treatments. Substance abuse treatment includes Motivational treatment in which we urge a patient to build up a negative perspective of their mishandle, alongside a want to change their conduct. It is one of the critical treatments incorporated into Rehabilitation house treatment approaches. Social conduct in dependence can be dealt with by behavioral treatment methodologies and medication incited habit treatment. 

  • Track 17-1Detoxification stage
  • Track 17-2Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Track 17-3Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program
  • Track 17-4Relapse and Management
  • Track 17-5Motivational interviewing and incentives
  • Track 17-6Multidimensional family therapy


Yoga and withdraw approaches-have been intended to give normal cures, which hinders the delayed utilization of any substance. Individuals who are rationally sick are recommended to run with yoga as it reestablishes cerebrum capacities and keeps worry. Meditation brings the mid the state of rest, in which a human think of present. Dance and music therapies are given to people to bring a ray of hope inside them that they still can perform better than others. It is an exit plan from life's every day worries and a chance to extend one's understanding of self and the all inclusive vitality that encompasses and backings us. Backslide offers a precise strategy for instructing the abuser to perceive and oversee backslide cautioning signs.

  • Track 18-1Yoga practice for addictive mind
  • Track 18-2Meditation
  • Track 18-3Dance and music therapies
  • Track 18-4Retreat facilities and relapse
  • Track 18-5Psychology and group therapies

Different progressions in fixation treatment procedures will help in giving quality care to individuals with unfortunate Alcohol, tobacco, or other medication utilize. Among them Cognitive behavioral treatment is a type of psychotherapy designed to treat behavioral impacts of substance mishandle. The Behavioral Pharmacology Research is a substance manhandle clinical research program incorporating both human lab research and outpatient treatment look into. Neurorehabilitation and treatment offers complex medicinal process which means to help recuperation from sensory system damage because of habit. 12 stage recuperation treatment includes a dynamic engagement methodology intended to improve the probability of a substance abuser getting to be noticeably associated with and effectively associated with 12-stage self improvement gatherings, in this way advancing restraint. It has for some time been an essential piece of the recuperation procedure and the reason for some recuperation programs.

  • Track 19-112 step recovery therapy
  • Track 19-2Neurorehabilitation and therapy
  • Track 19-3Behavioral pharmacology research
  • Track 19-4Gestalt therapy
  • Track 19-5CBT therapy
  • Track 19-6Intervention