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8th World Congress on Addictive Disorders & Addiction Therapy, will be organized around the theme “Exploring the innovative ideas and remedy solutions for Addiction Disorder”

Addiction Congress 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Addiction Congress 2019

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Addiction is a perpetual issue with organic, mental, social and ecological elements impacting its advancement and support. Regularly, it falls under two classes, substance reliance, or medication Addiction, and social enslavement, for example, a betting habit. Elevated want to re-encounter utilization of the substance or conduct, possibly impacted by mental (e.g., stretch, history of injury), social (e.g., family or companions' utilization of a substance), and ecological elements (e.g., openness of a substance, minimal effort) can prompt general utilize/introduction, with endless, utilize/presentation prompting mind changes. These cerebrum changes incorporate modifications in cortical (pre-frontal cortex) and sub-cortical (limbic framework) areas including the neuro-hardware of reward, inspiration, memory, motor control and judgment. This can prompt sensational increments in desires for a medication or movement, and in addition hindrances in the capacity to effectively manage this drive, in spite of the learning and experience of numerous outcomes identified with the addictive conduct. 

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  • Track 1-1Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Track 1-2Epigenetic mechanisms in Addiction
  • Track 1-3Drug tolerance
  • Track 1-4Inherited organic elements adding to substance mishandle and tranquilize dependence
  • Track 1-5Biochemical mechanisms & assay for drug toxicity
  • Track 1-6Chemical assay of drugs and drug metabolites
  • Track 1-7Alcohol detoxification utilizing chemotherapeutic agents
Utilization of a substance in a way (or) sum which is exceptionally hurtful to the client and its encompassing is named as substance mishandle. Impact of substance mishandle in youth is an exceptionally hazardous recommendation. Substance Use Disorders happen when a man has a reliance on liquor or potentially sedates that is joined by serious and here and there wild yearnings and enthusiastic practices to get the substance. Weakness to create habit likewise wards on hereditary variables. They are accepted to contribute 40% to 60% to the hazard for liquor abuse, explore on the hereditary qualities of alcohol reliance recommends that the propensity to end up alcoholic is acquired by means of assumed hereditary transformations. The adjusted quality capacities because of change result in modified mind proteins
  • Track 2-1Mental health and symptoms
  • Track 2-2Mobile health
  • Track 2-3 Tele mental health
  • Track 2-4Online Recovery programs
  • Track 2-5Intervention
  • Track 2-6 Counseling and addiction treatment
Disregarding the way that already, passionate prosperity disarranges and impulse issues were every now and again treated freely, we currently understand that co-happening mental prosperity and substance use jumbles influence each other and must be managed together. Treating just a single issue won't gain the other thusly ground. Likewise, divided, parallel watch out for the disarranges does not achieve one, great treatment outline. To be great, the two issues must be managed meanwhile, in a comparable place, by a comparable treatment gathering. This is called a composed treatment.


  • Track 3-1Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Track 3-2Contingency Management Interventions/Motivational Incentives
  • Track 3-3Community Reinforcement Approach plus Vouchers
  • Track 3-4The Matrix Model
  • Track 3-5Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Different headways in enslavement treatment strategies will help in giving quality care to individuals with undesirable liquor, tobacco, or other medications utilize. Among them, Cognitive conduct treatment is a type of psychotherapy intended to treat the social impacts of substance mishandle. Neurorehabilitation and treatment offer a complex therapeutic process which plans to help recuperation from sensory system damage because of enslavement. 12step recuperation treatment includes a functioning commitment procedure intended to improve the probability of a substance abuser getting to be partnered with and effectively engaged with 12-step self-improvement gatherings, consequently advancing restraint. It has for quite some time been a vital piece of the recuperation procedure and the reason for some, recuperation programs.


  • Track 4-1Detoxification stage
  • Track 4-2Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Track 4-3Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program
  • Track 4-4Relapse and Management
  • Track 4-5Motivational interviewing and incentives
  • Track 4-6Multidimensional family therapy
Addiction causes dependable changes in the in defenseless people. The industriousness of these social changes is because of enduring changes in quality articulation keeping in mind the end goal to drive these enduring changes in quality articulation epigenetic systems assume a pivotal part. It is an essential system used to comprehend compulsion science. Different components incorporate the biochemical system of medication poisonous quality, Genetic linkage thinks about, the biochemical measure is additionally conveyed for constant liquor abuse. Hereditarily a man does not acquire a substance manhandle they acquire a defenselessness to it. Individuals having defenselessness may not build up an issue of medication or liquor manhandle in the event that they are not presented to elements of dependence.
  • Track 5-1Epigenetic mechanisms in Addiction
  • Track 5-2Inherited biological factors contributing to substance abuse and drug addiction
  • Track 5-3Biochemical mechanisms of drug toxicity
  • Track 5-4Genetic linkage studies
  • Track 5-5Biochemical assay for alcoholism
  • Track 5-6Chemical assay of drugs and drug metabolites
  • Track 5-7Substance abuse disorders
  • Track 5-8Alcohol detoxification using chemotherapeutic agents
Addictive clutters are caused by various components, including inherited shortcoming, natural stressors, social weights, particular personality characteristics and mental issues. From a neurological perspective, addictive scrambles develop when a substance changes the way the customer's cerebrum feels, please. Addictive substances change the cerebrum's ability to send and get synthetic concoctions called neurotransmitters, which cause enchant. The addictive substances can foresee nerves in the psyche called neurons from getting these bliss synthetics, which implies the solution customer relies upon the pharmaceutical, rather than his or her regular cerebrum synthetic substances, for estimations of joy.  A couple of youngsters are more in peril of making addictive disperses, joining adolescents with no less than one of the going with conditions show 1) Children of substance abusers. 2) Adolescents who are setbacks of physical, sexual or mental abuse. 3) Adolescents with mental prosperity issues, especially debilitated and foolish high schoolers. 4) Physically crippled adolescents.


  • Track 6-1Advances in neurology of substance use
  • Track 6-2Substance abuse and alteration in genetic structure
  • Track 6-3Neurological and behavioral changes
Precisely when a medicine customer has a hindered conduct before steady use, it may be hard to recognize symptoms that are simply because of the solution use itself. Most reactions, if the condition is irrelevant to drugs, will continue after restriction from the solution. The backward is legitimate for calm incited Disorders; the schizophrenic-like effects will practically fade away after the prescription wears off. In any case, this isn't legitimate for all pharmaceutical customers as general and deferred use can cause indications that last up to quite a while after use stops. Medications like cocaine, cannabis, and medications can cause mental prosperity issues and, when joined with an earlier passionate disorder, can exacerbate the signs of such ailments. A couple of medicines, when taken from time to time for drawn-out stretches of time, can truly appear as deranged symptoms illustrative of schizophrenia and bipolar issue.


  • Track 7-1Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Track 7-2Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Track 7-3Memory loss and hormones instability
  • Track 7-4Brain imaging studies of addictive substances
Animal models have contributed colossally to our comprehension of enslavement essentially sedate mishandle, its results and aversion and treatment. Creature examines have yielded principal bits of knowledge into why individuals mishandle medications and how tranquilizes cause the impulse and cluttered reasoning found independence. It is a profitable research instrument since they enable researchers to lead analyzes that they would never perform on people. It effectively affects the human race, comes about because of creature studies ought to be extrapolated to people with alert, their esteem is inestimable. Case reports are additionally joined in compulsion inquire about.


  • Track 8-1Advances in neurology of substance use
  • Track 8-2Substance abuse and alteration in genetic structure
  • Track 8-3Neurological and behavioural changes
While it is typical to have a few sentiments of nervousness in unpleasant circumstances, and even the transient sentiments of tension, neurosis or frenzy that can happen precipitously amid inebriation or withdrawal from liquor or medications, substance-incited uneasiness feels much more regrettable and goes on a great deal longer. Notwithstanding, with uneasiness which is basically a manifestation of withdrawal, the individual's indications will by and large determination inside a couple of long periods of ceasing liquor or medication utilize, while with substance-prompted tension issue, it can begin amid withdrawal, and proceed or deteriorate as the individual travels through the detox procedure. Substance or solution incited tension issue is the symptomatic name for extreme nervousness or frenzy which is caused by liquor, medications, or prescriptions. For the most part, the determination isn't given if the individual has a past filled with uneasiness without substance utilize.
  • Track 9-1Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia
  • Track 9-2Epilepsy
  • Track 9-3Bipolar Disorder
  • Track 9-4Organic brain syndrome
  • Track 9-5Schizophrenia
  • Track 9-6Alcoholic dementia
  • Track 9-7Personality disorder
  • Track 9-8Psychosis
Addiction psychiatry focuses on the appraisal, conclusion, and treatment of people who are encountering no less than one issue and enthusiastic wellbeing issues related to impulse. Coordinating and reliance treatment is to a great degree key for such individuals. In view of the latest progress in developments like Mobile prosperity, nowadays it has ended up being so normal for the overall public to get related with prosperity organizations and being invigorated with every one of the information. Nation and underserved bunches consistently encounter the evil impacts of confined access to specialty treatment programs this can be overpowered by Tele-passionate prosperity. Online Recovery programs allow to Alcohol and prescription impulse treatment by means of arranged experts by methods for the Internet, in a way that is useful and private.
  • Track 10-1Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
The utilization of unlawful medications shows numerous dangers to the well-being of individuals living with HIV including unsafe consequences for the body and the dangers related with infusion sedate utilize, and dangers related with sexual transmission of HIV. Distinctive medications effects affect the body, and they can influence your judgment, emotional well-being, and physical wellbeing in an unexpected way. Utilizing medications can make you more inclined to hazardous practices, for example, sharing needles or not utilizing condoms. Unobtrusive utilization of liquor can help your heart wellbeing in a few conditions, yet it can likewise prompt long haul impacts that are destructive and lessen your capacity to ward off HIV. On the off chance that you infuse drugs, you might be at expanded hazard for transmitting or getting HIV. Liquor and medication utilize can be hurtful to your wellbeing and escape hand for a few people. Utilizing medications can make it difficult for you to look after wellbeing.


A noteworthy segment of the conduct effects of drug addiction fuse Paranoia, Aggressiveness, Impulsiveness, and Loss of Self-Control. A noteworthy element of dependence is the loss of control in notice admission of the addictive substance. Express that you will give two cases of the contact between drugs that are addictive, their cell questions in the cerebrum, and the reward. The latest research demonstrates that the reward pathway might be considerably more imperative in the craving-related with compulsion, contrasted with the reward itself. Researchers have taught an incredible arrangement about the biochemical, cell, and atomic underlying foundations of dependence; plainly fixation is an ailment of the cerebrum. Fixation is a state in which an animal includes in a urgent conduct, notwithstanding when looked with negative qualities. Thusly, uncontrolled substance use achieves lethality of the psyche. Medication Addiction is a cerebrum contamination that is depicted by incautious solution pursuing, disregarding its dangerous results. It causes changes in the normal development of the tangible framework hurting the nerve tissues, executing neurons and this prompts dis-control of the neural system. The doctor suggested drugs that are as often as possible mauled are opioids, rest solutions.


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  • Track 12-1Cerebral Vascular Accident
  • Track 12-2Dementia
  • Track 12-3Seizures
  • Track 12-4Ataxia
  • Track 12-5Encephalopathy

Yoga and withdraw approaches-have been intended to give natural cures, which represses the drawn-out utilization of any substance. Individuals who are rationally sick are endorsed to run with yoga as it reestablishes brains dopamine capacities and keeps worry. Meditation brings the mid the condition of rest, in which a human considers exhibit. Move and music treatments are given to individuals to bring a beam of expectation inside them that regardless they can perform superior to others. Recovery facilities give exceptional time-frame to petition, quietness, rest, straightforwardness and consideration. It is an exit plan from life's day by day worries and additionally a chance to develop one's understanding of self and the widespread vitality that encompasses and backings us. Backslide offers an orderly technique for training the abuser to perceive and oversee backslide cautioning signs.


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  • Track 13-1Mental Health
  • Track 13-2Emotional health
  • Track 13-3Cognitive impairment
  • Track 13-4Spiritual sciences
  • Track 13-5Psychology and Education
  • Track 13-6Motivational interviewing
  • Track 13-7Residential treatment
  • Track 13-8Psychodynamic therapy
  • Track 13-9Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Track 13-10Emotional health

Dual diagnosis happens when somebody has both a psychological issue and a liquor or medication troublesome. These conditions happen together often Dual diagnosis or co-occurring issue is a term for somebody who hones a psychological sickness in light of enjoying drinking, or the individual mishandling heroin amid times of lunacy. Liquor and medication issue probably happen with misery, uneasiness issue, schizophrenia, identity issue, and so on. The indications of substance mishandle include sudden changes in conduct, withdrawal from loved ones, loss of control over utilization of materials, creating resistance and expulsion side effects. The results can be various and brutal. People with the co-happening issue have a factually more noteworthy penchant for savagery, medicine rebelliousness, and inability to react to treatment than clients with just substance manhandle or psychological instability. These issues additionally stretch out to these clients families, companions and colleagues.


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  • Track 14-1Substance abuse and alteration in genetic structure
  • Track 14-2Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Track 14-3Advances in neurology of substance use
Addiction treatment and recovery includes different medications and treatments. Substance misuse treatment includes Motivational treatment in which we urge a patient to build up a negative perspective of their mishandle, alongside a craving to change their conduct. It is one of the vital treatments incorporated into Rehabilitation house treatment approaches. Social conduct in habit can be dealt with by conduct treatment methodologies and medication actuated dependence treatment.


  • Track 15-1Detoxification stage
  • Track 15-2Trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Track 15-3Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program
  • Track 15-4Relapse and Management
  • Track 15-5Motivational interviewing and incentives
  • Track 15-6Multidimensional family therapy
Addiction has extreme therapeutic outcomes like a tumor, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Respiratory Disease, perpetual agony, and suicide. Abundance liquor utilization causes alcoholic hepatitis, greasy liver and ceaseless hepatitis with hepatic fibrosis or cirrhosis. Perilous utilization of infused drugs brings about HIV/AIDS. Medication and liquor compulsion prompt an assortment of respiratory issues like bronchitis, emphysema and lung growth, tranquilize Induced Pulmonary Toxicity and Alcoholic lung illness.
  • Track 16-1Drug addiction and consequences
  • Track 16-2Drug Receptors
  • Track 16-3Drug tolerance
  • Track 16-4Drug dependence
  • Track 16-5Drugs and their effects on addiction
There are a number of options available to you that offer a variety of treatment techniques to addiction treatment. Each treatment model is based on the premise of substance abuse and addiction as learned behaviors,
Moral Reconciliation Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Physical Fitness and Gym Training
This modality focuses on drawing strength from tribal beliefs and ceremonies during treatment.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy track focuses on thoughts controlling behaviors and feelings, and that each thought pattern may be altered to create positive outcomes in daily situations. 
Music Therapy
Music can help clients decrease anxiety, relax, improve motivation, increase verbalization and improve self-esteem, and it stimulates social, interpersonal, efficient and behavioral functions
Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Therapies
Therapy that involves mindfulness training[/link] can help you increase awareness and connect back with yourself so that you may have a better understanding of how your addiction plays itself out in your life.
Equine Therapy
If you participate in Equine-Assisted Therapy you will be accompanied by a licensed mental health professional as well as an equine specialist. 
Art Therapy
Art therapy is another type of experiential therapy that may involve any number of mediums such as pens, paint, tissue paper, clay, beads, or even wooden boards and nails.
Adventure Therapy (AT)
It may be fairly common nowadays to see some form of experiential adventure-based therapy incorporated into treatment programs.


  • Track 17-1Yoga practice for addictive mind
  • Track 17-2Meditation
  • Track 17-3Dance and music therapies
  • Track 17-4Retreat facilities and relapse
  • Track 17-5Psychology and group therapies
  • Track 18-1role of neurotransmitters